Empowering Arctic Data Journalism: Patchwork Barents

Authors: Aaron Presnall

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The Patchwork Barents data portal (www.patchworkbarents.org) pools public data and builds on data engines to generate embeddable Barents region data visualizations. The portal is equipped with intuitive tools for uploading new datasets and creating visual data displays, and is matched with weekly journalism from Barents communities. This project aims to make science data more accessible and useful to broader public audiences

The research team utilizes the Arctic Social Indicators report and leverages existing efforts to compile Arctic data at the county-equivalent level (NUTS3 regions used by the EU’s Eurostat agency), including the Community Climate Change Survey, SEARCH, AON-SI, and H3l (Humans, Hydrology, and High Latitude NCAR data set) projects. Over 300 data series from public sources have been assembled.

The project is a unique effort to match emerging tools for popular data visualization and community-centered data with public county-equivalent scientific data on the Arctic. Ultimately, the aim is to empower citizens with the tools to learn and to share more about their own community and to place their community into the context of similar and dissimilar places nationally and across borders.

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