Session Title: Getting the incentives right: removing social, institutional and economic barriers to data sharing

Session Organisers: Peter Fitch, Massimo Craglia, Rufus Pollock, Simon Cox, Daniel Fowler

Session Description:

Much work has been done relating to the technical aspects of scientific data sharing.  The progress in many cases has been painstakingly slow, and has been particularly hampered by a lack of awareness that the barriers and risks to be addressed are socio-technical concerns, with the non-technical  concerns –the social, institutional and economic aspects of data sharing,  often over looked.

This session seeks research papers that  identify and address the social, institutional and economic  barriers to data sharing, particular with regard to incentives and disincentives. We are especially interested in review or position papers that can be used to form a coherent research plan for the future.  

Some areas of special interest are:

  • Approaches to understanding and changing attitudes and behaviours to enable data sharing. 
  • Assessing  the cost, benefits and distributional consequences of improved  sharing scientific data.
  • Identification of incentives and disincentives across the actors within the scientific data supply chain.
  • Approaches to improving the authorising and enabling environment for data sharing  – institutions, policy, legislation that create and supplement  incentives to share data.
  • New business models and approaches to funding  data sharing operational costs that can reduce disincentives for sharing.

The following papers have been selected for presentation (in this order):

Monday September 12, 11:30 - 13:00

Ian Bruno, Reducing barriers to sharing data: a domain repository perspective

Paul James Box, Social architecture - cultivating conditions for data sharing

Nicholas Car, Agreeing about agreements: modelling social contracts, people and data

Simon J D Cox, Information standards and communities: maturity and patterns of engagement

Monday September 12, 14:00 - 15:30

Elena Zudilova-Seinstra, Meet ‘Research Elements’: open access data and software journals

Heidi Karoliina Laine, Afraid of Scooping? - Case Study on Perceived vs. Actualized Risks of Sharing Research Outputs

Fiona LM Murphy, Giving Researchers Credit for their Data

Jens Klump, Data as Social Capital – Acknowledging the Gift Culture in the Scholarly Community


This session has 9 papers.


This session has 0 posters.